Film Set Rule #9 – If you say yes to a job, do your best

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Did you plan on doing a bad job?


Every job has frustrations. You are being paid to do your job and deal with those frustrations.  Think about why you agreed to do the job.

  • Are you networking?
  • Is this a favor?
  • Are you learning about a new equipment?
  • Are you doing a job that new for you?

Remind yourself of these reasons when things get difficult.  You have good reasons to do your best work.

The lowest paid work is usually the most frustrating.  If you are not comfortable with the rate, do not agree to do the job.  If you agreed to do the job and don’t do your best work then you are burning every bridge on that set.  Everyone there will remember you and your terrible attitude.

You will be asked to work for free.  There are times to consider working for free (Flowchart for computer programmers asked to work for free: http://shouldiworkforfree.com/).  Even when that job is frustrating, you should still do your best.  Everyday you are building your reputation.  When the going gets tough, the tough get rehired.

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