Film Set Rule #8 – Gear doesn’t make movies. People make movies

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The camera is just a tool.


I worked on a film where the producer/director bought his own 35mm camera package, lenses, complete Steadicam package, dozens of lights, and production gear.  We estimated he spent over $150,000.

He wanted to make his first feature.  Which would also be his first film.  He found young  and talented actors and crew.  But, he was only paying his crew $100/day.  This would be a problem. The reason we agreed to work for $100/day was because we lacked experience.

Each day, we were focused on how the equipment worked.  We should have been focused on the story.  In addition, the producer/director was always worried about his investment – the gear.  His focus on the film suffered.  As a result, the final film could have been better.  Lesson learned.

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