Film Set Rule #6 – To be hired you must be remembered

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You know who we should hire?  WhatsHisFace.  Anyone have his contact info?  Ahh, too bad.

Networking is everything.  Meet everyone on set, make a good impression, get their information, give them your information. All while doing your job.  And not looking desperate.

There are some well-worn career paths in film/tv:
Electrician → Best Boy Electric → Gaffer → Cinematographer
Stuntman → Stunt Coordinator → 2nd Unit Director → 1st Unit Director
Art Department PA → Art Director → Production Designer
Actor → Bartender → Actor → Waiter → Actor → Actor/Writer → Actor/Writer/Director

Some people move very quickly up the career ladder.  Maintaining those contacts will result in jobs down the road.

And maybe those jobs will happen sooner than you think.  People work on different levels of productions. An electrician on Tuesday might be the cinematographer on Thursday.  She might need your help.

Additionally, you will be surprised by the diverse talents of others.  Some people are multi-talented.  Make up artists work as producers. Grips need Headshots for their acting careers.  Production assistants direct their own films.  All these people need help.

But first they need to know your name. Second, they need to know that you will show up on time, act professionally, and handle the pressures of the job.  Third, they need your contact info.

How can they hire you without having your contact info?  Your Business card?  Your contact info is on the call sheet?  Here is a crumpled up piece of paper with your name and phone number on it?  Those might work.  Best Practice: Text them your info with a note reminding them who you are.

DONE.  You’ve got their info and they have yours.  Stay in touch!  If you want to be hired by someone, find a way to remind them that you exist once a month.  Don’t be annoying.  Take a hint if they are not hiring you.  Don’t take it personally.

(And don’t change your phone number.  I’ve gotten calls 10 years after working with someone.)

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