Film Set Rule #5 – No one will believe that you can do two things well

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You don’t know how to ______ because you’re just a ______!!!

This one is not actually a rule.  It’s a bad attitude that some people have.  First impressions are important and people have a hard time believing that you can do two things.  If a producer met you as a PA, then you are a PA.  If they see you next time as a Gaffer, they will be skeptical.

Everyone wants to hear a simple story.  When your career transitions from one position to another that story can be confusing. You were telling a simple story “I do this job and I’m good at it.” Suddenly, you started telling a completely different story, “Oh actually, I do this other job sometimes. And I’m good at it.  And I still do that other job.  And I’m good at that one too. I do both.”  That is too confusing!  No one believes you can do both!

Even if you are good at two totally different things, people will be skeptical.   (*Warning: Sarcasm ahead*) Oh, you’re an actor and you take good photos??? Yeaaa… right!  Oh, you’re a make up artist and you produce your own music videos??? Sure you do!  I bet they are… interesting.  Oh, you’re an actor/director/producer/musician/model/cinematographer/marine biologist/editor???  I’m sure, you’re great at all of those things. (*end of sarcasm zone*)

But, in reality,  you can do both!  You need to simplify your story: “I do this new job now”.  Unfortunately, you might need to make all new contacts because of “Film Set Rule #5”.  Be ready, it takes time to transition, but with patience and good planning it will happen.

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