Film Set Rule #3 – No one will ever tell you that you’ve done something wrong

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It’s a little too quiet around here because

If you are doing your job well, no one will tell you.  If you are doing your job badly, no one will tell you.  In all likelihood, if you are screwing up big time, very few people will even stand near you.  They do not want to be guilty by association.

There are exceptions to this rule.  One time out of a hundred, someone will tell you that you’ve done something wrong.  When that happens you need to listen up and be responsive.  That person is giving you a gift.  This person is a teacher and mentor.  If only everyone could be like that.

There is a second group of people that will tell you everything you are doing wrong.  This include insecure department heads, stressed out producers, and total jerks.

The real take away is that you need to study your craft.  Be better than good at your job.  Listen when people tell stories of major problems on set and don’t let those things happen to you.  Be a student as long as you can.

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