Film Set Rule #2 – On time is late

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Never show up to set exactly at call time because…

Many productions want to hit the ground running.  Some will expect you to be ready to shoot at call time.

Make a plan for how to be early even when the worst happens.  If you get a flat tire, be ready to call a taxi.  Set two alarm clocks.  When you’re early, sit in your car and read the call sheet.

The location of your work might be different every single day, so get comfortable making plans and back up plans for commuting.  Get your call sheet – google the location, confirm the location – verify that the location matches the location name or description.

Being late is a mark on your reputation in this business.  Being late twice is a death wish.

Showing up on time is one of the more challenging parts of this job because it’s fundamentally about consistency.  Lateness is a simple measure of consistency and your ability to follow instructions.  No matter what is happening in your life you must be on time.  If you are late, then you can’t be trusted.  If you’re late, you’re too late.

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